How To Keep The Grass Green In The Summer

Arizona is known for its hot, dry summers. Temperatures soar into the hundreds each July, and there is very little rainfall to balance the heat. Needless to say, home owners face quite a challenge to keep their lawns green year round, but it isn’t impossible. The following are a few tips for maintaining a green lawn all summer long from a Phoenix sprinkler repair service.

Check The Lawn For Dryness

It’s important to water the lawn when it’s dry, but it’s not helpful to over-water it. In fact, too much water leads to standing water that will cause roots to decay and provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To check the ground for moisture, home owners can apply the screwdriver test. If they can easily insert a six-inch screwdriver shaft into the ground, it doesn’t need water.

Water The Lawn At The Right Time

The best way to care for a lawn is to give it a good soaking every few days. The best time to water the lawn is evening or early in the morning before the temperature has had a chance to rise. A sprinkler system is the most efficient way to water a lawn on a fixed schedule, but home owners should check their systems well before summer to make sure they’re working well and not in need of sprinkler repair.

Consider A Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system is installed underground, and it delivers small amounts of water at regular intervals. A drip system is a very efficient method of delivering water to a lawn because little to no moisture is lost through evaporation, and it can be an ideal solution for a small yard. Home owners should make sure to install a filter and pressure regulator in order to avoid the need for drip system repair.

Mow The Lawn Carefully

Keeping the lawn mowed can help to keep it healthy, as long as the grass isn’t cut too short. The best way to care for an Arizona lawn is to mow frequently, cutting no more than one-third of the length of an average blade of grass. Cutting more can lead to scorching from the sun.

Fertilize The Lawn

Ideally, a lawn should be fertilized in the spring so that it is already well nourished and better able to survive the heat when summer arrives. Combining a nitrogen-rich fertilizer with regular watering can work wonders even in Arizona’s summer climate. Check out this site to learn more about sprinkler repair in Phoenix.


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